Nozomi Seijun (Seijun Nozomi) is the main protagonist of Rainbow Love. She admires Naru Ayase. Her element is Lovely and theme color is rainbow. She is the only one with a gradient outfit in Rainbow Love.

Appearance Edit

Nozomi has a long sidetied ponytail with bangs sticking out on the right of her face. Her haircolor is Orange-red and eyes are brown. She often wears gradient rainbow-colored dresses. Her element is Lovely.

Personality Edit

Nozomi has a cheerful and happy-go-lucky personality. She is the main cause everyone smiles when they are sad. She is the main protagonist so she is sometimes serious about prism shows. She is soft and calming and can sometimes also be a bit childish.

Relationships Edit

Izumi Hotaru Edit

Izumi and Nozomi met on the street. When Nozomi saw Izumi having a lot of knowledge for makeup, she invited her to be the makeup manager of Prism Stone. Izumi quickly refused, but ended up being dragged along. Izumi put up "an awesome show" (according to Nozomi) and she became the makeup manager. Izumi, thought yelled and shouted at Nozomi a lot, became Nozomi's best friend.

Kuroko Vami Edit

Kuroko and Nozomi met in a bakery store. Kuroko told Nozomi about the various types of cakes and desserts there were. Nozomi invited her to be the sweets manager, and Kuroko agreed. However, when Kuroko couldn't perform a prism show, everyone cheered her up and Chisato agreed for her to be the sweets manager.

Araya Odaki Edit

Araya always had a special place at Prism Stone after being knocked out by Uko. She became quick friends with Nozomi.

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