Izumi Hotaru (Hotaru Izumi) is one of the main characters of Rainbow Love. Her element is cool and themecolor is purple. She acts cool and unfriendly most of the times, deep down however, she has feelings for everyone.

Appearance Edit

Izumi has round, purple+gray+brown-type of eyes. She has messy short hair with slightly-longer bangs sticking out on the left. Her hair is a very dark shade of green with dyed magenta highlights. She is often seen wearing pants. She mostly looks like she is mad or angry, even if she's not.

Personality Edit

Izumi is hot-headed and often-angry. She follows steps of Ito Suzuno. She was very rude and unfriendly to Ito when she met her, but by heart she admired her very much and was truly happy she met her in real. She is proper, polite and respectful to elders, but can be rude sometimes to her elders.

Relationships Edit

Nozomi Seijun Edit

Izumi and Nozomi met on the street. When Nozomi saw Izumi having a lot of knowledge for makeup, she invited her to be the makeup manager of Prism Stone. Izumi quickly refused, but ended up being dragged along. Izumi put up "an awesome show" (according to Nozomi) and she became the makeup manager. Izumi, thought yelled and shouted at Nozomi a lot, became Nozomi's best friend.

Kuroko Vami Edit

Izumi used to be more "tsundere" on Kuroko when they first met. After losing from Kuroko in the Princess Of The Moon session, Izumi instantly gave up and became Kuroko's friend. She was still cold to her, which Kuroko calmly ignored.

Kokona Hotaru Edit

Kokona and Izumi are on completely different levels. Kokona, being Izumi's adoptive sister and also younger than Izumi, is high on Prism Shows and can perform 6 consecutive prism jumps, for which being hated by Izumi. They both are not very close.

Image Gallery Edit

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Trivia Edit

  • Izumi's birthday is on Valentines day
  • She shares a birthday with Ito Suzuno, her "senpai".
  • "Izumi" means radiance and "Hotaru" means Firefly, making "Radiant Firefly".